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  • We offer autoinformer  to automatically  announce playback stops the bus, the driver did not have to press. We are ready to give one Autoinformer  to the test, for free.


    This offer is interesting to you?

    Start now! -  tell  the number of the route

      and we will record voice files of stops in your language and English   + Do tie Gps coordinates stops.


    We offer an avtoinformator  and a salon board for automatic announce stop of passenger transport.

    When entering the vehicle (predetermined by GPS) of bus stops Autoinformator plays a sound file and displays the name of the stops on led panel - that is, the driver is nothing to declare and not need to press.

    If you set the  autoinformator to transport, you will avoid the need for the driver to be distracted from driving to inform the stops.

    In addition to the announce stop, transport  avtoinformator will welcome your passengers in the morning and in the evening to accompany, to remind them to pay for transportation to the entrance and do not forget things on the way out.

    Autoinformator can  be used on buses, trams and trolleybuses, as the tour routes.


    Autoinformator allows the driver at any time, select the desired route, make the necessary settings window.


    The Avtoinformator is may be connected to the standard sound amplifier of the vehicle. Delivery of the power amplifier (20 watts. Microphone).


    You can connect a running line and route pointer with the information in the national language.


    Principle of operation




    - Route list of stops in a tabular format  

    -  Audio files.


    On the computer recorded in Autoinformer.

    The file path will be the following lines:

    0,0,0,0,0,0, universam.wav, Supermarket


    2 Binding

    Once you need to drive along the route. Before stopping You must select and click on the appropriate Avtoinformator stop - it will bind to the geographical coordinates - a string will have this: 5800.2200,5800.2500,5613.2500,5613.3200,20,140, ??universam.wav, Supermarket


    Route 3 is ready  Next, when entering a previously marked geographical area Avtoinformator (defining coordinates GPS) will play a previously tied sound wav file and displayed  the text name of the stop on the scoreboard in the salon





    Price per unit.

    Autoinformator  (simple)

    85 euro

    Autoinformator with the function of connecting the scoreboard

    105 euro

    Shuttle pointer

                     by agreement

    Marquee (depending on size)

    200 euro

    Power amplifier and power protection (If not using a regular amp)

    20 euro

    Iincluding delivery to Rethymnon

    Video        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cii9aBupGE



    More than 1,500 units of public transport Perm, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Yekaterinburg, Dubna, Irkutsk and other cities are already using our Avtoinformator.


    Reviewed on LiveJournal resident of St. Petersburg blogger fritzmorgen about riding in our truck with an avtoinformator.  




    "And in the process of searching I was struck by the amazing achievement of the Permian transport: buses and trams regularly announce stops.


    In St. Petersburg, for example, robots are equipped exclusively bubnilschikami subway train. Passengers to public transport are necessary to calculate the required stop on their own or at the surrounding landscape or prompts the other passengers.


    In Perm, when I asked the conductor to tell me when it will be "Komsomolskaya Square," I got the girl instead of the expected "after so many stops" surprised look: why something tells if each stop loudly and clearly announced. "


    And also, the other reviews: Avtoinformator work great. Everything is clear. Most importantly, enjoy the passengers a good effect. Sergey Liping, Ltd. "People's Route", Irkutsk


    "Yesterday scored stay in the informant and recorded sound files for a single route. today toured by car, listen to the speaker navigator. I liked everything. Now will try to connect through the amp. And so, all you have invented cool. Well done!


    P.S. Voice-over recording I personally liked, but until we write our own. If anything, I note an interesting work, accomplish your goal. Thank you! Valery of Avtotrans, Yalutorovsk, Tyumen region


    Article from the newspaper "Meeting", Dubna


    Автоинформатор - в штате АТП


    We are ready to provide Avtoinformator for test operation. (Fit - if you see fit, then leave, if you do not fit - will be back)


    I am pleased to answer your questions.


    Ruslan Solntcev

    Ltd. "Eskom" +7 (342) 234-01-87


    One of the menu autotransformer:




    Usually, when someone decides to purchase an answerphone, you may have questions


    Perhaps this algorithm will help you better navigate with a further action. And so:

    1 Personnel Issues

    1.1. To entrust the preparation routes (for the first time and we can make the route, but then I need an employee in your company who will be engaged in this issue):


    (This is a simplified, more details in the manual)

    - Put in a text file list of stops

    - Write it in the navigator

    - Go once on the rout - Bind


    *среднестатистический пользователь компьютера – справится, специальное образование не требуется

    * The average computer user - handle, special education is not required


    1.2. To instruct the connection autoinformator

    - To the onboard network bus;

    - A regular speaker / amplifier;

    2 Select the route and bus (s) for the test operation.

    3 The decision who prepares the voice files (wav) stops

    Options we can offer

    4 How to connect?

    - Through our power supply protection (1900 p)

    -  to the standard amplifier

    (The first time we recommend to our amplifier can then you try to the standard it - and assess if everything is OK? if there is noise)


    5 Delivery

    Transport company 4 days - 200 rubles.

    Courier company 2 days - 700-800 rubles.


    6 Our company can work with VAT or without  VAT (Work and so and so).


    We are ready to provide Avtoinformator for test operation. (Fit - if you see fit, then leave, if you do not fit - will be back)


    I am pleased to answer your questions.


    Ruslan Solntcev

    Ltd. "Eskom" +7 (342) 234-01-87







    2 Make the installation of the amplifier, which consists of a connection to the electrical network bus   and the speakers


    Предлагаем автоинформаторы для тест

    доставка по всему миру 20-50$  (вес 0,5- 1 кг)